Board of Directors

Our business and affairs are managed under the direction of our Board of Directors. The Board currently consists of five members, each of whom is not an “interested person” of the Fund, as that term is defined in Section 2(a)(19) of the 1940 Act, and thus are considered independent directors.

The Directors are fiduciaries for the Fund’s shareholders and are governed by the laws of the State of Maryland in this regard. The Board establishes policies for the operation of the Fund and appoints the officers who conduct the daily business of the Fund. Please note that there is only one fund in the complex that is overseen by the Directors.

Fund Address and Principal Executive Office

The Mexico Equity and Income Fund Inc.
615 East Michigan Street Milwaukee, WI 53202

Investment Adviser

The Fund’s investment advisor (the “Investment Adviser”) is Pichardo Asset Management; S.A. de C. V. a corporation organized under the laws of Mexico and a registered as an investment adviser under the U.S. Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended (the “Advisers Act”). The Investment Adviser’s principal office is located at Andres Bello No. 45-22 Floor, Col. Chapultepec Polanco, Mexico CDMX (D.F.), C.P. 11560. Maria Eugenia Pichardo is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Investment Adviser, Ms. Pichardo owns 99% of the total outstanding shares of common stock of the Investment Adviser and has acted as the Fund’s portfolio manager since the Fund’s inception.


U.S. Bancorp Fund Services LLC serves as our administrator. U.S. Bancorp provides us with, but is not limited to the following types of services, general fund management, compliance oversight, financial reporting oversight and tax reporting.


Our portfolio securities are held under a custody agreement by U.S. Bank, N.A. The address of the custodian is U.S. Bank, N.A., 1555 N Rivercenter Dr. Suite 302 Milwaukee, WI 53212. Our assets are held under bank custodianship in compliance with the 1940 Act.

Transfer and Dividend paying Agent and Registrar

American Stock Transfer and Trust Co.
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219

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